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Axiak Bros. (Stone Decorators) Ltd., a stone decoration manufacturing firm, was established in 1981.  Throughout the history of our firm we became leaders in the manufacture of stone decorations operating on the island of Gozo.  Currently, our factory and office (over 1500 square meters site area) are located at the Xewkija Industrial Estate, Gozo.

Our products are manufactured from natural Globigerina Limestone extracted from quarries in Gozo.  The stone was formed by sedimentary deposition millions of years ago.  The limestone has a density of approximately 1680kg per cubic meter.  The limestone can be treated to resist all weather conditions and retain its bright colour.  Nevertheless, if allowed to weather, the stone becomes still more attractive.

The wide selection of products range from balustrades to closed stone balconies, and from garden ornaments such as fountains to interior decorations such as fireplaces.  We also manufacture products that our customers wish, following any particular designs submitted.  Our clients are thus guaranteed of an optimum service and a high quality product.

Some examples of products:
Building stone decorations; stone fountains; fireplace surrounds; balustrades; stone lampshades; ornamental stone decorations; stone floor tiles; wall tiles; rustic wall cladding; Gozo marble for wall and floor tiles in a rustic texture; and marble mosaic patterns.

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